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GDCh Science Forum Chemistry 2023 - Rethinking Chemistry

Bastian Springer joined the GDCh Science Forum Chemistry 2023 in Leipzig, September 2023, which this year focused on Rethinking Chemistry. He presented his research in the field of rubazonic acids, which own promisin features as organic dyes for functional materials.

International Conference on Hypervalent Iodine Chemistry 2023 (ICHIC 7)

Stockholm University hosted the largest conference in the field of hypervalent iodine compounds in June 2023. Kathrin Bensberg was one of the particpants and experienced a great event. She presented her current research results in the field of solid phase hypervalent iodine catalysts by a poster and by a short oral presentation.

Chemical Science Symposium 2022

Kathrin Bensberg joined the Chemical Science Symposium 2022 in London, which this year focused on sustainable synthesis and catalysis. She presented our recent developments in the field of solid phase hypervalent iodine catalysts, which are environmentally friendly, metal-free options for the oxidation of alcohols.

BOSS Symposium (17th Belgian Organic Synthesis Symposium, 2022)

Kathrin Bensberg presented her research with the topic "Thermolysis of geminal diazido malonamides: Access to tetrazoles and urea derivatives" at the 17th Belgian Organic Synthesis Symposium in Namur. Kathrin used the unique properties of diazides to synthesize various compounds with tetrazole fragments in a simple manner. The method Kathrin developed not only yields tetrazoles, but also converts the by-product into a valuable product.

Bordeaux Polymer Conference 2022

Anstasiia Krupka joined the Bordeaux Polymer Conference in June 2022 to present her recent work: "Polymeric Dyes with Hydrazono-Pyrazolones Units: Design, Synthesis, and Optical Properties". She synthesized a new class of methacrylic polymeric dyes containing hydrazono-pyrazolones moieties, which give the dyes unique properties.

Irsee Natural Product Symposium 2022

Fabia Mittendorf and Ibrahim Celik presented their research in the form of a poster at the Irsee Natural Products Symposium 2022 and won the 3rd poster award.
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